After a Few Drinks

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After a few drinks
The world shuts me down
The world shuts me up
And the head spins

The world’s din becomes sonorous
Fire spreads in the breathing tunnel
A numinous dragon entering and leaving
The sixth finger trembles
The seventh just mocks at your stupidity

After a few drinks
Thoughts abandon me
And I’m stress-free
Instead, images pop up
Like bloody nuances of Kathmandu city

15 minutes later I ramble nonsense
And liquor writes what I write not
And it speaks the words of underworld

I yell: I can still dance
These shaky touches rattle the revolving phone’s screen
And the room screams da da guh guh hazz hazz
I yell: stop the damn cacophony
(the world shuts me down)

After a few drinks
I empty the half-full Old Durbar Black Chimney
And fill the dwarf glasses
And empty self

After a few drinks
I shut down the world
A crow cuts this city into two

I think I passed out.

– Arun Budhathoki

editors note:

That’s pretty much it: empty glass, empty self. – mh clay

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