This New Jazz Age

by June 25, 2018 0 comments

From Beale Street to the Trump Tower
The free-falling age has yet to find its niche

Where the self-policing police
Find freedom to be just what they want to be

The rules are there ‘for the others’
And not to bother us with

From North Korea to the Sears
This Twitter age has moulded our fears

To where language lies
like a broken animal whimpering limping

Where only those in the law or in the know
Understand the pattern understand the flow

As they familiarize themselves with their place
And the lie of the streets

Where the once free-falling jazz age
Collides with this new.

editors note:

This new “music” is hard to follow; melodies malevolent, bad beats, best to run from, not dance to. – mh clay

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