Tree of Eros

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after a painting by Skaii de Vega

One kiss was trying to catch another
as every pore of your skin
opened like a threaded needle.

One leg was twisting upward
to where dawn still sang
through your swirling hair.

Whatever the thunder healed,
lightning suddenly
split asunder again.

Whatever nakedness promised,
your body offered
with the startling
persistence of silk.

Each leaf first perceived
the blending of dreams
from the intimate waves
of your flexing thighs.

Each branch first sensed
the sap’s slow arousal
from your quivering flesh.

Each root first tasted the deep earth
from the shadow’s sleek pathway
between your steep breasts.

One kiss was trying to catch another
across your body’s anchor
of moonlight.

editors note:

A fantastic (erotic) ekphrastic, inspired by The Tree of Eros. See it here. – mh clay

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