Sixteen Excitement Bombs Kindly Vast Overtones of Fire Noise in the Sack to New York

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Marvelous magic feels like lollipop hurricanes, ingest in jest.
Masterful citizenry of the mighty blow torch bluish righteousness.
Noble peach cream gleams heated gashes in love and lust.
Quick powers dawn on our showers of love, vivid screams live.
Pick us up from the dust little prepared full of musty mustful must.
Shower on us with care fulfilling a love life in measurements vast.
Feeling comes back again where we were once numb, dumb, bummed.
Precious pleasing helpful hunter chasing down a pride of lions.

Dare be prepared for the sun bust as casual as our dusty garb in brown.
Burst the busted blank look of a follower in dreamscape Hell bound by fire.
I love my fucking husband, and he loves me with sparkle rainbow galore, Ash says.
Princess Prince was once a dusted ball remover of the Third Reich Retention.
He didn’t know left from right on a large scale kindly burning balls all around.
My husband is now a self-reliant dancer, crooning along the way, blazes arising.
He’s skillful, smashing in a grab-bag mish-mash fab fame, glorifying the game.
I’m smooth and sparkling with my right left jab at the moon, done and done, Ray says.

Reward my wife with a pounding grace that gives mercy to face hitting it down to waste.
Time rewind in a bind, and we are lime green mean, so satisfy bitches in a switch
Lest ye be like the rest we jest in jester outfits for two at the Festival of Shining Delight.
Glowing comes into the picture then our eyes meet and the meatiness of it all is a doll.
Fasten fascination to belt knotching in-between the gnawing down there, oh please.
Maybe goodness, maybe not, and your hatred, people out there in the world, is oh pleased.
We have the heart, park it in her rear after dark mister 16, and tonight we make love again.
Exquisite core pounding my wife is fine flattering the line of flourishing fences fenced-in.

Build the divide we never cherished and way us to New York, 16 Baby, all up in yas.
Free liberty upon us from the 70s where hubby dwells in a place laced up to bring us together.
Dine with 50 and 60 and get hot fine wine sex in a fucktastic equality bound and tight.
Delicious creative artistry is next on the list with desire of considerable blue overtones.
Dazzle to find my wife wound up where she is hidden, smiling that I’m looking for her from here.
Ray, the gay soldier, with tufts of gray everyday is a fight from the past gassed out burning.
Completely complete her cleverly clear in bright visions of circus freakdom in wonderful bursts.
We love each other fully knowing that it’s not always black or white but something in the middle.

– Ash and Ray Pettibon

editors note:

Bring your partner to the Festival of Shining Delight and dance in this tongue. Yes! – mh clay

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