Preserved In Amber

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Discovered in a bulky chunk of amber,
He was preserved completely, all intact.
Huge fountain of scientific rambling
Sprang joyfully, inspired by this fact.

Not just another prehistoric beetle –
New species were eagerly described
To classify exciting ancient riddle,
To brighten it with scientific light.

This beetle sure was a lucky gambler,
And if I could, I’d swap with him, of course,
For endless years in the golden amber,
Not in the rotting and worms-ridden earth.

But if the stormy sea would cast me out,
Preserved completely, shamelessly intact,
And on a sandy shore I would be found –
Would I enjoy this scientific fact?

– Irena Pasvinter

editors note:

Every sentient being’s ambition, aware at the time or not. – mh clay

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