“goodbye sanity”

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she’s got
and they’re ridiculous
she has,
style like no other
I can picture her now:
waddling like a child,
a cigarette hanging from the mouth
and just behind it:
a smile
she wouldn’t approach quietly, no
there’d be a noise,
some kind of laugh
and she’d throw her arms in the air
dancing with life
she’d twirl
for it’s all she knows
she has to
it’s her style and
her soul is just too good;
I fear for my dwindling sanity
I can feel it slipping away
dripping from my hair to my toes
I see the bangs
I watch the style
I love the dances, the movements,
the wild soul bursting from inside
there’s just something about this one
hello, wonderful
goodbye, sanity

– Kyle Perdue

editors note:

No point to careful when crazy is wonderful. “Hello!” – mh clay

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