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your secrets are on display
everyone will see
the mechanics of your magic

anyone looking
woman on the bus
young man in scrubs walking the dog
weary breadwinners finally
finally heading home
they have but to look
and see you mid-trick

the neon colossus, the web of grace
a great moon of pinpricks
lazing close as it can to the towers
counterpoint to the nickel moon
pulled from behind an ear
flung a great distance
an afterthought

Dallas you illusion of glass steel light
how black the night
how bright your thousand windows

how dazzling
the infrastructure glitter
cars trains passing traffic signals

I cannot stop looking
even in silence, you boast
even your stillness swaggers
we watch each other not moving
as you wait
for my feverish applause

– Aaron Glover

editors note:

Home of Mad Swirl and some o’ the best damn pretense anywhere. There’s a soul beneath the dazzle, just gotta get used to the glare. – mh clay

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