A Knock at the Door of Divine

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I see my spirit is flying in the sky,
From the sky over the clouds, it canvasses with me,
And, I see the creatures around me,
Vexing each other,
It makes me shed tears,
So, tears and tears spill around,
It’s my sorrow as it’s a bohemian glance,
For the hackneyed hostile ones,
See! These settlers in the banal are targeting each other,
They are ready to grind the life of many and more as mine,
But, my spirit applauds for peace and humanism,
My favourable identities always remain at the acme,
So does my spirit and so do I,
I see these adversaries attempt to have my domicile targeted,
But, in vain they’ll cauterize each other,
So they never reach to me and mine,
As my spirit makes me re-awake from my realm,
And, I vow for peace,
Listen! Ding Dang and Ding Dang!
I cry and advocate for humanism,
Listen! Ding Dang and Ding Dang!!

My pulses, my nerves turn into Juvenal plumage,
So, I fly with my spirit into the divine,
To knock at the door of it,
The door of peace and humanism!

editors note:

Ding! Dang! – mh clay

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