Scenic Reflections

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I live in the world of the old California,
of yesterday’s music and slang,
and speak a little Spanglish.
I remember sights and smells of my individuality,
yearning to meet others who understand
what it means to traverse a landscape
where everyone is from somewhere else:

Old Spice aftershave
English Leather cologne
Duck tails and pompadours
Cheaters and Cuban boots
Patchouli and sandalwood
Green apple splash and Cashmere Bouquet
Petti-pants and pleated skirts
A blue Chevy Malibu meeting
an old white Impala at a drive-in movie
Dancing that fueled passion
Coke and Winston cigarettes
And a busted condom that killed my dreams

I drive north on the Coastal Highway,
or up the middle to Bakersfield,
or east to El Centro,
playing “tunes” and just driving
through the desert space oddity
that was cruisin’
with Mary Wells in the Mojave,
learning survival skills
and to this day
I go nowhere without plenty of water.

– Jenean McBrearty

editors note:

See all. Stay hydrated. – mh clay

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