Names For Months in A New Queer Year

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1. Transuary

There are many news stories about
trans* people. None of them are another

2. Femmeuary

Everyone wears heels and lipstick or
cuts their hair short or wears a suit and
cries or cares or acts and
dresses exactly the same because there are
so many ways to be femme.

3. Pride March

We take to the streets to celebrate spring,
a time of renewal, a reminder that we will
always regrow.

4. Gaypril

Kiss a boy! Kiss a girl! Kiss whoever you want!
Everyone’s a little gay these days.

5. Gay


6. Queer June

It’s too hot to be anyone other than yourself. Get
comfortable with that, with you, and let everyone

7. JuBi

In case you were curious,
the Moon is the only thing that will be
“just going through a phase” this month.

8. Augayst

Summer is winding down, but it’s still
high time to be the best gay you can be.

9. Asextember

No one does anything they are not
fully into, and no one tells them
they need to, either.

10. Cocktober

No-holds-barred fuckfest for
all genders. Again, if you’re into
that sort of thing.

11. Homovember

We gather around tables with claimed
and found families, thankful for making it
this far while mourning those who are not
at the table.

12. Decembear

Hibernation, rest, cuddling up
in our dens, feeling safe,
preparing to transition
to another Queer Year.

editors note:

Not too late to retool; pick your fav POV and change it up. It’s still a new year. – mh clay

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