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Smile, catch my eye,
release it!
Hide in your bedroom until you’re ready,
call them like you see ‘em and
tell me the results when you wake up the next morning.
Clean your feet because the
kitchen floor was dirty with beer and rain water,
but we were too busy dancing to think about socks.

Write more!

Give me a genuine goodbye,
let me see you care.
Drink good beer.
Love hard and love few,
don’t dilute your pigments.

Remember the people-
I always remember the people,
I always remember you,
the places are blurred backdrops.
It’s the people, it’s you, it’s not a
location or a station or a position.

You’re aimed west,
so set off!
Run there!
Remember me. I love you.
You’re my top.

Now go! Get!

– Taylor Gall

editors note:

It’s a new year, now; already moving. Hop on! She said it, “Get!” – mh clay

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