Lines I Stole from Better Poets

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from Notes
(Mad Swirl September 6th, 2017)

Past the present tenses
Taking care of the Folks
Down there
Everybody is welcome up here
I need a friend
Cigarettes and regrets
Crying in the mists of heaven
To teach me how to be a friend again
Take me to topless bars
It was an alien invasion
It was definitely an octopus on fire
Who is this Timmy anyway?
And then I saw the baddest bitch like-
Carlos says love is who you are
*cardinal call*
Calling me out to play
Contraposit confession:
Let me be not king – but subject
Confederate statues are a hot topic right now
Little girls don’t feel safe in the park
Apparently it’s time for new statues
There’s someone in a broken mirror-
There he is!-
Sam is in the mirror
I should get t-shirts made up of that
You’re next, she said
Now I have to follow Victory
God help me
If I can do better

editors note:

If you had been there, it would have been just like this. Thanks, Chigger! – mh clay

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