Charles Bukowski, Gumby, and Tchaikovsky

by December 19, 2017 0 comments

to Tchaikovsky
and reading
Charles Bukowski

I am triggered
to remember
my earliest memory

on a shag carpet
and playing
with a green bendable

certainly no wonder
why I’m
emotionally connected
to the silly toy

even now
I can’t help myself
from buying/rescuing one
if I see him hanging
on the shelf
of a gift shop

I spent
many hours alone
in my room
like Brian Wilson
as a child …

this is how
the madness begins
and perhaps
the creativity as well

the imaginary wall
around one’s self – one
Lego brick at a time

all the while
the escape routes
presenting themselves
with each new

editors note:

Just like the Green Guy, stay flexible; all the better for squeezing through those narrow escape routes. – mh clay

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