In the Best of Aquatic Circumstances

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Potomac Series 3 by artist Nancy Ramsey

In the best of aquatic circumstances, engaging in highly nonarchetypical
Thinking adds levels of care to some espoused views, prevents shattering
Prized maquettes once patterned to represent our old-fashioned principles.

See, the lure of wet benefits often outweighs this populace’s aspirations,
Habitually skips beyond its anticipated benevolence, finds places where
Social costochondritis, twee expressions, also untuned charangoes dwell.

Accordingly, it’s well-advised to carefully relay thoughts, to circumvent
Watery catachreses, likewise peculiar untruths, odd-smelling ablatives.
In nature, words less than comprehensible get pushed beneath, drowned.

Equally, it’s typical to squander on educating families against phlogiston
Accidents. Ultimately, certain among us will become vigilant preventing
The drenching of additional, elderly hedgehogs, lamankis, dried feelings.

Albeit, arid, loved alterities prove surprisingly effulgent at death, usually
Biding time among faithful molossers, alternatively assembling assorted
Affective kludges toward encouraging irregular, tulgey streams to heave.

editors note:

Ekphrasis four of five…

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