Fox thought

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low, stay staystay – sssh scurryscurry
low, leaving earth worm screaming,
Pant pantpantpantpant pant, hold ! sniff sniffsniffing -( lisssssten)
Chest burst almost drumming drum ming, back to damp earth
sinking paws un- rooting -Bolt ! leftright rightleft,
Fucking houndsfucking houndsfucking – Still!
Hoofing thunder horning rumbles earth dust snow blanketing eyelids
What to do whatdo do dodo think thinkthink,- Oh come the rain
Mud mudmud on face sinking whiskers, roll roll zigzag zigzag,
– Bolt!

editors note:

What they do when the man shouts, “View Halloo!” – mh clay

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