Fables of the reconstruction

by November 11, 2017 0 comments

We started on Wednesday
It was cold
But the foreperson was hot
Got laid off for looking
Shit that ain’t no way to treat a veteran
No I’m not going to tell you all about that time
When the billie bongs nearly trashed the gray house
Used to be off white n a fore that kinda yeller
They was just doing their thing all
Limpy and crusted over on they heads
Had chiggers and all kinda stuff
Next thing I knows I gots to run after them
I didn’t have no gun or nuttin so I pick me up a rat from the alley
The rat is all like “put me the fuck down dude”
But I just squeezed him harder and ran faster
When I almost caught up I haul off n throw that
Ratty hard. I mean those billie bongs knew what hit them
After all them rats is all soft and a sqiushy like
All natural and can’t hurt no one.
The billy bongs slowed down to discuss whether that rat was ripe enough
To eat raw or it they should cook it
First they had to catch it
Cause it bit billie in the bong area
That was the break I needed
Needed cause my arm hadn’t healed up proper like
I was at the deli or the gun store as I like to call it
How do you go into a place filled with lube jelli and rags n vats of ???
They said I could eat it
Oh hell no I ain’t going to try anything, first in line or not
Still can’t gets the taste of burnt socks and rubber outta my mouth
I noed that the sar-gentle man was not going to let me just up n walk
Shit the billi bongs were still milling bout the place and
When they gets a thought into their heads they just don’t wanna let it go
Not that I blames them oh no they has nuf trouble jess thinking one thought
Soes they wanna keep any they ketch
Sees they hang out round doors and setch cuz people just leaves em their.
Thoughts thet is.
You knoed what I mean like the time you gone and
Walked into the kitchen n forgot what n the hell am I doing here??
Soes I just got me a nuther beer n went back to the livn room and
Damn I was gonna call me a pizza.

editors note:

To reconstruct a life is hard enough; to reconstruct a path to where you left the phone, even harder. (We appreciate Terry and all our veteran poets for his and their service.) – mh clay

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