Elided Sentiments

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Potomac Series 5 by artist Nancy Ramsey

Elided sentiments, many crazy feelings, cull conflicting eruptions of giggles
Surge hot, cold, lukewarm, trail unclassified dinguses, doohickeys, gubbins,
Jink in uncanny ways, undergird premises promising happiness only when
Artless minds suffuse, rail against vulgarians’ risible leadership endeavors.

In the safety of personal throne rooms, getting layered nuances becomes an
Aggressive, intuitive set up. More exactingly, most responses to side-chicks
Elicit troublesome experiments, invite over trifling, pigeon minions, thwart
Desert town mentors, call up bombastic, excessively decorated hobbyhorses.

In real life, all manner of reconciliations could be cobbled on small screens;
Varied forms of stimulation don’t interrupt regular thoughts, sporadic éclat.
Apoplexic partners, largely, remain unlikely to reject cards dealt, to divorce.
Contrariwise, war remains ego appeasement. It’s peace that gets patched up.

The terrible hissing sound of bombarded lizards mistakenly, frightens does
Even as large quadrupeds escape: tiny deviations, ambitious husbands, rent.
Meanwhile, our populous views industrial nations, old school Manichaeism,
As publicizing solicitous thugs, spelentic politicians, piles of base wardens.

Rancorous words stick. Their fetor deters, makes regular folks extra weary.
Living morally exhausts. Cupping sunlight, collecting raspberries, likewise,
Bring along ancillary problems, relatives, outliers. They similarly retrench
Simple hope. Happenstance’s bricolage, colluding with evil, is a bad result.

Eventually, connivances look to conjure surly, tenuous associations, to amass
Unctuous feedback, to cause students to correct oblivious friends and teachers,
To ascertain locations’ conditions. Cultural perigees’ derivatives regularly rile,
Limn wrongdoings in neon colors, compare incomparable events, yelp loudly.

Until such time as arrears are paid, serfs’ fees, like chaff blowing unbalanced,
Create miserable conditions for kith, kin. Then answering machines linked to
Fabulations continue operating for fortnights’ worth of failed attempts, to set
Masterminding projects afloat from heaven, to laugh aloud, and to play dead.

editors note:

Three of five…

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