All Things Being Nearly Equal

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Potomac Series 10 by artist Nancy Ramsey

All things being nearly equal, monsters disregard coinage’s unpleasantness,
Plagiaries don’t see their wrongs, hoodlums still steal signs, kindergarteners
Keep engaging in “theft by finding;” evil doers flourish by employing vices.
Administrative politicos, also, organize quests for love, power, maybe land,
Get distracted, and then forget their pals’ besieged, scanty standings.

Multiplying mayflies, quick as ocean-bound extras, litter beaches, channels,
Disregard greenhouse buds, rare shorebirds, crustaceans, advise themselves
Certain visions can morph, confused, after uncalled-for website trafficking.
(Never do such louts remember sustainability’s diverse, essential positions;
More often, they participate in goings-on assured to not end well.)

Explicitly, for several reasons within profit’s purview, such special blokes
Disappear behind social bedskirts, to hammer each demanding watchdog,
Shout out invectives, contest crucial changes in cyclonic weather systems,
Dislodge objects, disparage existent, threatening deterrents, embolden old
Exsanguine authorities to snigger about hanging bandits.

One way or another, such nasties’ “elucidated” sentiments sidestep wisdom,
Grow frustrated expectations, insidious oddities, late tax returns, bad checks.
Rarely will delinquents facilitate communal priorities, neglect to bamboozle,
To muck up manmade, or biological biomes. Impressively, they carp, niggle
Over virtue, over iniquity, over the cordoning of “innocents.”

Even so, esteemed families care whether waters become polluted. Identifiable,
Resource-challenged supervisions devote countless annals to mental ablutions,
When tackling citizens’ need for tasty fish, free-flying wings, verdant byways.
(excluding fresh predicaments, burdens, ordeals, tribulations). Mainly, leaders
Make cheap compromises in balancing ecologies with shams.

Henchmen’s penchant, contrariwise, their scoffing, their jeering viciously near
Privately-funded estuaries, bird sanctuaries, places where forbs, fauna, friends
Gather, celebrate, breed, prove “broad-minded” crooks browbeat victims. See,
No detectors’ blipping, hosts’ yawning, cats’ aerobatic feats, foils lawbreakers
From receiving backup when pointing their homemade ordnances.

editors note:

Ekphrasis two of five…

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