The End of The Line, Strikethrough Font

by on October 19, 2017 :: 0 comments

We pay in change and ask the sentence
to seek solace in other forms, maybe roll
into loose-leaf instead, or pen stabbing yourself
to death outside the former car dealership,
inflatable dinosaur, now lumberjack pancake flattened,
no longer hissing air.

The diner is full, as S(entence) has been out of work recently
and asking for references; which pages are open
or what support groups can provide editing.

Had it been me, I’d resort to exhausting all options,
seeking strikethrough if the cards on the table are muddled
and wet, reeking like basement laundered currency.

But instead our day goes on, and eventually,
we all figure it out,

– Alyssa Trivett

editors note:

Words out of work, awaiting gainful employment. – mh clay

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