Inquiring Minds

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Where do photons go to get some sleep?
Away from all that light?
Where are the “W”-rays, the “Z”-rays?
How come the “Xs” get to have all the fun?
When gravity waves… should we wave back?
How many PhD physicists does it take to change a light bulb??
“Oh, that’s a problem for a psychologist,” was their reply.
(And the bulb has to really want to change).
What is a gathering of “scientists,” who ignore some facts
but endorse the findings of others who ignore facts, called…?
A Consensus.
Who warmed up the earth?
You know, way back when the earth was covered in ice?
As in the last Ice Age?
(I’m melting!)
How did that happen?
Perhaps from Humans or,
maybe Neanderthals,
hugging to stay warm?

editors note:

Let’s reverse the process; aloofness all around! – mh clay

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