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The whole of me is a red blazer,
when the sun’s disk at sunset
is a glowing ember
yonder the islet.

Without a red blazer,
every dusk is a widower.

The fog over the valley
cannot smother the red blazer.

I’d so often wait for you at dusk hours –
a red blazer being the eye-witness.

Three red blazers
are three promises
in the grove of loneliness!

Give me a single red blazer
and I’ll then bid farewell
to my boreal nights!

Not even the most froward raven
would dare look straight in the eye
of a red blazer!

Only the phoenix**
will rest on the red blazer
through eternity!

* Red Blazer – a wild or decorative garden plant of the Sylvia Splendens
family, appearing in cultivars of varied sizes and colors, also known as
Scarlet Sage when its flowers are dark red.
** phoenix – a mythical bird that burnt itself to death to reemerge from
ashes every 500 years. Only one phoenix.

English translation by Arben P. Latifi

editors note:

Only one longing, reborn in every lover’s heart. (We welcome Alisa to our crazy congress of Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of her madness on her new page – check it out here.) – mh clay

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