when people ask

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when people ask about you the only thing i know to say anymore is that
there was no cure.
you were a disease and i was a body you infected.
listen –
your love came into my system like a needed vaccine. like an answer to all the problems. so i welcomed you into my blood, my proteins, my fucking atoms. i let you in on one molecular level. you felt like heaven in a body that has only known hell. but i can’t put into words how wrong i was about you because, dear god, you fucked me up. you turned into a virus – you invaded all of my goodness. you weren’t a vaccine, you were the virus and i was trying to fight it. you’re the infection and my immune system didn’t even realize it because it welcomed you like you deserved to be there. like you belonged as a part of me.
but you were poison. you were turning my blood purple you were turning my head inside out. i felt like my brain didn’t want to be a part of me anymore. like you hit it with the most wonderful drugs with bursts of dopamine and serotonin but the oxytocin and love from every fucking angle doesn’t help if you just rip them away.
you took my heart away. you took the love from my brain and you sucked darkness into every part of my system.
so now all i have left is a broken heart and the remains of a broken down infection.

– Tara Davis

editors note:

… and immunity, after all. – mh clay

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