The Scarecrow

by September 14, 2017 0 comments

Nothing more than an illusion.
A body I once was
Now stripped and stuffed
For submissive obedience.
Gagged and bound to a pole He raised
Above the rows from which the crows graze.
Guardian of a land that was never my home.
Taken by a man that found me wandering alone.
Living out my days among the wheat and the grass.
Crows ate my mind;
I don’t remember much of my past.
Nothing left for me to feel.
Emotionless I am,
The emptiness is real.
As for the smile that you see upon my face,
He carved it into me to keep me in my place.
If happiness he sees, then happy I must be.
I know the purpose for me hanging.
It is Him I must please.
Caged is my mind; I’m bathed in agony.
To this pole forever bound
As I watch the crows roam free.

– Ash Garza

editors note:

Hung for happiness (whose?). No wonder the crows are scared. – mh clay

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