Old Romeo Puts His Bible Down

by September 3, 2017 0 comments

Almost toothless now,
old Romeo puts his Bible down,
relaxes in his rocker,
pours brandy in his snifter
and scribbles in his ledger
memories of Mary,
dead some 40 years now.

When Romeo was young
and dark and dashing, Mary
was the perfect foil.
He can see her dancing
and hear her laugh, a note
no mockingbird would try.
He tells his chauffeur,

“Bring the car around.
I need to buy a diving board
for the swimming pool.
The doctor says I’m terminal.
Six months, he says.
I want to dive in Mary’s eyes
tonight and drown.”

editors note:

Victor, not victim; calling his shots to the end. – mh clay

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