Out of
Darkness comes flight
In skies, beautiful dawn
raise head towards nearly moon,
Hush, the breeze wraps arm around
stretched palms south, holding, holding, release to
feel rushing nothing, invigorate the mind, blow creases
north, cheek to ear, feet to earth dampness falls.
Reach inside the work undone, clasp it and dance dance,
Spin like it’s your last breath, last love, last time, spin.
Turning sods smile under knocking toes reaching deep curling, release, beetle
stills, hear silence sing-songing and love doesn’t beckon this time despite clacking loud and all turn to cows, swinging udders regurgitate notes get back, get back in
time, to love and yellow boots hip-hopping the yaga monster holding hands singing Marvin Gaye. The fields part grass, lowering meadows to leave dew drop hover in her matrix reaching low aching to greet moon-shine casting shadows as curling toes fondle still, moments imprint


turning insides out facing clouds and brace, brace against the force and smile, smile to brighten decades carried in eyes that find themselves on lowering hills, swinging cows in hailing all as if last chance
last chance to embrace it all and sway as if never
out of


editors note:

Yes, take it all; as much as two hands can hold!  (Congrats to Polly, who is a featured poet at the  Blackwater Poetry Festival in County Cork, Ireland this weekend.) – mh clay

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