Hades to Mankind

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I am ashes and I am fire, I am the burning building
and the rage with which the Lord sent Adam away.
I am the universe held within your fingertips
As you write letters and apologies to sadistic bullies.

Dynamite, verses written within my tortured hand,
Held tightly against the grappling waves
Made to buy weapons of mass destruction, I
Am a broken vase in the middle of your mansion.

Touches of soot, iron and lead, beasts crawling
Beneath the ground- roaring from underneath as
Spiritus Mundi, the gyre no longer in motion
As children rise covered in blood and soot.

A strange stench surrounding you,
Drenched in broken dreams forming a
Hearth around the ones you claimed to love.
Half-breeds and fucking nuns,
Monasteries all over cities under God’s eye,
And in his name, under Apollo’s light, they destruct lives.

A cautious imitation of the end of the world,
The Mayans, Egyptians and men of God
Predicted your bloody death, as you lay in bed
Held within a tomb of greed,
You can plead and scream but
The seed you sowed has finally come to reap.

– Maryam Sheikh

editors note:

A lesson for any who (think they) have no more to learn. – mh clay

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