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Drift through Romantic and Classical
computer music
from the nearby desk top
…lying in bed
with sweat pants and tea shirt
and warmed by a heater

…go make a liaison
with that similar dream and mistress
to all sleep
with its narcotic yearnings

…go and lift up
the spirit
to those realms of Heaven
or the underworld

cozied by cracks
in that feral cave

and watch History unravel
in the back of your psychotic mind

…abstract images! with hints of gods and beasts
layer these peopled immersions
in fear
and love
and passion

layer the crowd
which has left its mark on the psyche
since childhood

all sexy
and humid and decadent

…and innocent places
which warm the frightened soul
with a sense
of benign

editors note:

Read in the half-light of an eclipse to amplify our sense of insignificance. – mh clay

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