Beautiful Danger

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You with your dark knights in the wings
Dancing to the rites of the macabre
Your sweet arsenals on the alert
Your honeyed poison on your lips

Your sensual arrows pierce my stone heart
Touching my blood with their blazing torches
Watching it boil with their scheming eyes
While my nervous breath races with the unfamiliar

You climb inside of me with your perilous charm
Your devious smiles that quicken my spirit
You sing love songs to the dark side of me
In the shadows of my forbidden dreams

My adrenalin is a river of rage and romance
It sings with dark angels on lofted grounds
Of crimson sunsets falling through black holes
And nervous palms raised toward the sky

You lead me into dark forests with your smiles
Your beautiful hands that scorch my blood
Danger is a love poem from the lips of the departed
Eternal stories sent down from perilous cliffs

Beautiful danger, you smell of sweet perfume
You grasp my heart with your silky fingers
And cast it into raging rivers and quiet interludes
You are a love story written by restless hands

Beautiful danger, take me with you
You make my spirit rise to your heights

editors note:

Breathless bumpkins, we; longing for larger lungs. – mh clay

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