The Blessed Solidarity of the Dead

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“I don’t mind my pain. It’s their pain I can’t stand.” — Graham Greene

No matter how many dead we carry,
they are of one accord,
each craving release,
wanting only
to tell his or her own truths.

Mine queue up, clamoring for attention,
starting most mornings around sunrise
and keeping at it all day long,
only taking brief late-night hiatus
when I collapse in drunken stupor
or food coma.
I carry beaucoup personal dead, but
even those I never knew
hover in the haunted creases of my brain.

Clicking on CNN,
I read about ninety-five civilians
killed in a Baghdad blast,
mothers, fathers, little ones,
single women, single men,
dreaming one of the other, and I am
thankful for their solidarity.
En masse their pleas are impersonal,
defeating comprehension.
My fear is that confronting only one,
her agony would overwhelm,
devouring everything I am.

editors note:

Our attention on them changes time till we become them. – mh clay

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