East by Northeast, West of Eden

by on June 14, 2017 :: 0 comments

Such is the nature of the beast shrouded,
cloaked in his Sunday worst
having just bit off what he cannot chew,
red/white cluster gathered on a lip’s corner.

I smile because I know,
he and his significant are screwed,
wait, the argument’s beginning shortly,
this place wasn’t Eden, after all.

All for scarcity,
all for lack of knowledge
and the tree stands mocking
now that no one seems to be the wiser.

Foolish few in their beliefs
as mother births a father
and father feigns an assignation with his little girl
because an oak just told him she was naked.

Snakes? The skin is soft and warm
so perfect for the King of Earth’s new clothes,
his children (which are grands) parade as idiots
and uncles that are brothers, sisters, cousins

as the reptile stays to take the blame.

editors note:

It’s the myth makers who get to assign the blame. – mh clay

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