The Pennsylvania Hotel

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The mantis sat staring right at me…
Eyes bulging… hypnotising
No funny movements the
World is watching… there is no encore, no time to lock the ten locks shut
No time to hammer the windows shut
No time for the newspaper clippings to be taken down and moved for the press
The parrots are watching from the high wire joined by crows of higher spirits
The lizard king has joined the mantis on the window sill they are moving in on me
The knife that was hidden under the desk is gone…
There is no more air left in the room
I could crawl but their eyes still follow my every movement
The crows circle the outside street light waiting for the door to open
I’m not turning on the light
The mantis knows where I hide
The crows peck at my thoughts, this is the morse code to the dead
Technically I am still breathing technically I may have a pulse
But the laughter is getting louder from the spider of the damned
If I am very still they may forget I am here

– Diana Rose

editors note:

Need a check up for checkin’ in to be checked out. Yeah, don’t move… – mh clay

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