She whispers to me

by on May 6, 2017 :: 2 comments

She whispers to me
Lures me in
With open arms
She’s ready.
But then again…
She’s always ready

I gently caress her
And she greets me
With her seductive smile
Her sultry purr
She’s always so
Wickedly friendly

But I’m no fool
I respect her wild fiery
Wide chromed hips
I know she’s in charge
She’s thrown me & shown me
A time or two

I ride her curves
Her fine figure glides
I hold her tightly
Her rubber kisses
Caress the concrete canvas

Her bright eye lights
Pierce the tunnel night
We fly by cages
Waging silent bets on
What move we’ll make next

Heading home thru
Sleeping Big D streets
Green-light tempo
Keeping our beat
Our moans get thrown
Playfully ricocheting off
Urban canyon walls

We become one
Her heartbeat pistons
Twisting and turning
Our journey swirlin madly
As our smooth move grooves
Burn the miles away

editors note:

Ain’t no love like scooter love! – mh clay

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