Perpetual Discourse

by on April 14, 2017 :: 0 comments

Unrelenting passion in a sonneteers thoughts
moving in rhythm with the windblown grasses
a paramour’s hand held walking the long path
written vows of brazenness with ocular beauty.
Transitional mystique is steeping in tepid zeal
an intuitive antiquarian dead on a windy beach
unsympathetic muse grovels in pious idealism
up a stairway of unrivaled peaceful impression.
Adrift after the bite of the Reapers great scythe
fantasies obsessed and tossed on parchment
death of the rhapsodist in a world of dissension
his icy anarchist dreams are but an eventuality.

editors note:

Perpetual, eventual; we try to make it different in between. – mh clay

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