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Random words scattered into space
An empty book, no name, no face
Of hungry chasms waiting to be filled
Room for fallow souls to be tilled

As tasty words long for confinement
Of sacred thoughts for their enshrinement
Each go to their own proper places
As empty music pines for uplifting basses

Words are the calming of all-out rages
Or the riling of too tranquil stages
Each combination serves its rightful mood
A savory platter of passion’s food

An ode to words and their influential power
Like nature drawing a bee to a flower
Combinations gather up the best they can
For the spirit to flourish since time began
To love, to fight, to laugh, and to cry
An ode to words and their rousing combinations
Words, you have served me well
I thank you from the bottom of my
Poetic heart

editors note:

Yes! No words, no wonder. – mh clay

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