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– Never-ending, eternally relentless

Cis privilege and the Patriarchy
are on the march again. Tweets
from the designated Frontline
Safe-spaces document daily
man-terrupting man-spreading
man-splaining micromanaggressing men.
We’re told clapping can trigger PTSD.
To help combat this, please click. Still
too emotionally jarring for you? Non-binary
genderless jazz hands are perfectly fluid.

Then you get all pissy when people
reasonably inquire if you’re one of them
with equally pedantic preferred furnouns.
My how Brangelina entertained us for a while
until the next episode where a porn star was robbed.
She honeymooned in Cork with her husband:
who, I’ll have you know, invented music.
I hope they didn’t have to touch her?

If that’s not your cup of tea, then fuck off
to the other channel where we Je, Je
Je Suis all over Islam but don’t you dare
make a rape joke and hands off the Holocaust.
Hey! I hear there’s a Trump tape; I guarantee it,
for every race, creed and colour. Every #,
demograph and profitable pool of people.
One for everyone in the audience. And you
get offended. And you get offended.
And you get offended.

Meanwhile, we desperately scramble
to Brexit-proof the budget
as we like and share stock footage
of trite atrocities of dead babies in Aleppo.
And that is the question.
Has Poe’s Law become self-aware?
A troll; an elaborate practical joke.
Right? Allah, Buddha, Satan, Cthulhu.
Jesus Christ on a bike…

– Miceál Kearney

editors note:

PC for pedants. #whenisenoughenough? – mh clay

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