Locus Amoenus Vision

by January 16, 2017 0 comments

Once when wandering deep in space
I chanced on an idyllic place
that seemed too wondrous to exist…
At night with moonlight it was kissed

as though with glowing beams of love.
By day a star shone from above
while crystal waters danced in streams.
Was this a fairyland of dreams?

The skies of lapis lazuli
were truly beauteous to see.
Forests, meadows emerald green
lent sylvan lushness to the scene

rife with songbirds sweetly trilling,
perfumed blooms in colors thrilling,
myriad marvels small and great—
oh so much to appreciate!

And yet the beings dwelling there
barely even appeared to care,
nor to grasp the fathomless worth
of their heavenly planet earth…

editors note:

We’re only visitors here. – mh clay

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