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Bones on top of bones
heavy cold stone bones
heaped in a pile

Draped in muscle
limp languid motionless muscle
ravenous for revival

Brain engulfed in murky liquid
sludge blood clogging up veins
dead tissue floating
marrow leaching pain

Limbs dense and swollen
stuffed with tar and grimy sand
paralyzed with exhaustion
unmoved by command

Organs wheezing, gasping for air
suffocating with gravity
oxygen deprived
system decaying rapidly

Flesh sheathed in sunken skin
a barren wasteland
forgotten and forsaken

Bones on top of bones
betrayed neglected withered bones
heaving in a pile

– Jasmine Sanchez-Ziller

editors note:

Dysfunctional, but through daily determination. (Listen to Jasmine read her poem here. Learn more about her story on her website, here.) – mh clay

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