blue guitar

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there’s a musician
falls in love with a blue
a blues guitar
a blue guitar.
a poet, a heart
of music,
a beam of light.
bought it in
a pawn shop.
with plenty of
blues brought
it there in
for rent
cigarette money
maybe a nip
of wine and
received far
less than its value.

then sold to
my friend
way over
the denominations
of a fair price
by the seller
over the glass counter,
saxophones on the wall,
toasters on the shelves,
trinkets in glass counters
with wrist watches, slacks
on hangers, jackets, skirts.
who falls in love with a blue guitar
in a pawn shop window?
somebody wanting to pluck
the strings for jitterbugs
across long, wood plank dance floors,
like the poets running to puddles
to record the raindrops,
while everyone else
misses the dance.

editors note:

Best when played with eyes closed. – mh clay

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