How to know it isn’t a dream

by on December 23, 2016 :: 0 comments

I close the door very gently
I was patient all day long
I can feel the weight on my limbs

All the symptoms of the season
Are around: smiling lights like
Angelic emoticons blinking-

I’ll linger in what’s ripened
I must forget exhaustion
I’ll sink in dreamy sleep

Why worry? The woolen socks
look comfortable and the couch
safe and right as I eagerly sink in

Clarity seems not a problem
The difference is managing rhythm
As lights come up and night rises

Optics interconnected, the hand
the world, this audible circus we’re
part of… and years lasts seconds.

editors note:

Even when we think we know, we blink at years before we go. – mh clay

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