Not Forgotten

by October 17, 2016 1 comment

So it starts
With a star explosion

Giving light to billions
Giving life in the form of minions

The architects with blood of Prometheus
Crafters of stars and protectors of the origin of light

All things are already learned
They just learn them again for cosmic kicks

Learning that they are their own creation
For that moment of salvation

Sun born galaxies rise and are left in their wake
Leaving the sparks of their imagination to light the night sky

Limits are set
But are not real

We believe what we perceive
Boundaries placed by what we can see

The Galaxies surround us unseen
Eyes closed by the infinity of space

They do not see, there is no limit
Above the horizon of their night sky

Where dreams are formed
And new realities born

Who am I?
What is this?

Do I belong?
Have I longing?

Who ignited so many stars?
And why do I see only a glimpse of their life span?

What we are
They once were

Lost to be found
With only questions

Hold them still without answer
Invite light not words, ignite stars not wars

Some questions serve better unanswered
But not forgotten

Left in the presence of being
With their own destiny to fulfill

– Bob Burke

editors note:

Learn to leap limits as luminaries for long-lost lookers. – mh clay

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