Dear Editor:

by on October 30, 2016 :: 1 comment

Unfortunately I’m unable to
accept your rejection.

So many come in, it is
possible to accept only a few.

Due to staff limitations
no specific comment
can be made on yours.

Be assured it received
a careful reading.
I do hope you find a home
for this rejection.

Remember rejections are my
foundation and lifeblood.
Always feel free to send more.

Joan McNerney,

– Joan McNerney

editors note:

Walkin’ in another’s shoes… – mh clay

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    I love it!! I understand completely. I could wall-paper my house with the rejection letters I have gotten over the years. I love how you turned it around and still made it amusing.
    On a positive note, don’t give up. I am 56 and finally found a publisher that loves my work so much they can’t get enough of my work fast enough. I never thought it would happen, but it did, so as my favorite professor repeated many times, “A writer writes”.

    Dianne Lowe Breakfield

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