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and of all the others you becoming the best even when and to transfer
the enemy and the bystander under the narrow place where everyone
goes going to the Hell where the stairway is dropped with us although
you see concerning those who were really the friends of the monkeys
I am the friend or if need be other things seeing that when those who
are more distant and shivering as they go and pushing their own fool
method down the road dividing directly from your craving those who
can do that one thing with the demons you are at worst then you look
at a certain evil little twin who continues to look at you and makes the
insult which finds the fact that the thing desired is done in any case so
therefore if with your interest to be strong is death the largest domain
and presents you with a cold beer and as you drink it you realize that
all your fears had been braved before the first word was ever printed

editors note:

In that day, when we’re all awake, we’ll wonder… – mh clay

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