Summer Unveils my Woe

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Arising the troops
steadying the streams
cleaning the battleaxes
rinsing the shields
saddling the needy steeds
testing the waters
preparing for the barricades
calming the nervous
calling the duties
tying the ropes
rehearsing the wartime speeches
thinking the tactics
listening to the commands
ignoring the conscience
repairing the instincts
mapping the routes
expecting the sieges
spotting the brand new battlefield
disbelieving the sight
targeting the enemy
relaying the others
trapping the ill witted
ensnaring the timid
burning the bridges
building the walls
anticipating the backlash
praying for the non faithful

mourning the friendships lost
regretting, as you walk the other way

– David O’Brien

editors note:

Aggression breeds revulsion. Why not walk away first? – mh clay

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