Let us die of a slow life

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Counting the seconds on the hour glass is no hobby,
while the fluffy cumuli keep on their carefree flight,
slowing time, while listening to a relentless rhythm,
the conductor imagines his dancers in slow motion.

Dos and Res and Tis float as if from the autumn tree,
lines in the air, scars in the sand alike are no trap
to the eternal invincible freedom of the symphony;
let us this die of a slow life as we make our arts.

There will always be time for your handsome flesh
to slide off those charming bones I know so well;
no need for you to look down to the speedometer,
you may slow a little and see a scene not so blurry.

Death can wait, immortal, we need not worry;
her scythe may rust just a little more for our sakes;
we will die of a slow life, for you and I can rest;
the sunsets and moonrises do take their time you know.

Smile my love, with all your pearls, let your heart sing
the melody written on the dimensions of the galaxies;
there is room for you, for you too are the size of a dream;
no need to rush, run, take your time to my grave.

There is laughter to be heard, smiles to be painted;
the canvas stretched seems limitless in your soul;
mind not the colors for they have lost their taste;
breathe in my love, and slowly walk to be with me.

– Fabrice Poussin

editors note:

Suspend each grain in the palm of your hand. Hold it for as long as now will stand… – mh clay

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