Hillbilly Death Cult Extravaganza

by August 5, 2016 0 comments

Staring ice into piercing tail light eyes
In a town that dies by 9 each night
I ran 98 miles like a frightened child
From the first time I made you smile
Pink rose petals and empty bottles of wine
The destruction, the desolation, the lynching and the fear
With the clear conscience of a convicted killer
Gone to buy more skin and tears to shed for everyone here

The savior and betrayer ever so perfect
They read the novel written in my face
To see that growing up wasn’t worth it
And giving up would be insane
And even after losing your love
and being without a warm home
My greatest tragedy is the company I keep
When I’m all alone

So tell me, goddess
Are there a lot of guys at your feet or is it just me?
And she said, “Man, more mortals than you would care to believe;
Seducers, accusers, deities, and thieves”
I’ll take all my hard work with me to the furnace
Beneath my feet will be my final resting place
Drowning so calmly, I don’t disturb the surface
Buried so deep they’ll make a river of my grave

– Mike Roach

editors note:

An epic novel in three stanzas. The hero dies in the end… – mh clay

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