A Letter to Her

by on August 10, 2016 :: 0 comments

The brilliance of man
is that he may overcome
if given a chance
striking glances-
morning rays he doesn’t deserve
a rare ability to topple defeat
just at the expense of feeling alive
synchronized green stop lights
and the silence of the intersection
when the city wolf comes calling
yet the animal has no prayer
a point where the prey loses the kingdom
your heart still beating in my hand
I love you before the dawn
bats her delicious eyelashes
back before she guesses
if your stares are more than
straight horizontal sunrises
back when kisses were kisses
and my cassette tapes
were washed in teenage Robert Smith melancholy.

© February 28, 2016

editors note:

Melancholy musings; relive the longing with none of the pain. – mh clay

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