Damn Those Poet Gods

by July 17, 2016 1 comment

Sleepless nights and distant days
Through thorns and sordid blinding haze
Pushed through comfort and rest about
Steady hands molding faith in doubt
Stopping when hell is a sacred place
And earth is a lofted planet keeping pace

Those damn poet Gods and their pushy ways
I’m a rag doll losing my way thru the maze
My own thoughts are sufficient words unheard
A ragged warbling from a song-less song-bird
My pride is an anchor wrapped around my feet
A sweetness dipped in a sauce made bittersweet

How beautiful those commanding poet Gods
I hear their words, their palpitating vocal throbs
The overbearing ways they enter my mind
Their passionate journey to find what they find
Their dashing to my heart like a shooting star
I stand amazed in awe for what they are
Those damn poet God’s, please come again
I beseech thee to blow your breath on me. Amen.

editors note:

As we are damned by them. Amen. – mh clay

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  1. Hem Raj Bastola

    Gud! honoured to be damned. yes we are damned. careless and crazy, blinding haze to hew . lovely lore to sew. a chain of careless mad stream. blessed we are placed a.divine.creator god. hurrah. haaha

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