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like bones clattering in cloudbursts
I attempt
a clumsy blues riff
tap dancing in the claw foot
after washing away the death of
a great jazzman with
sucking sinkholes of ancient lava
along rotgut rivers of
chopstick vodka
nearing crescendo
riding oak leaf rafts
yeah then
lucking out
electrified in the metropolis of
more blood than Dracula squared
and a hot date with the new waitress at
Yummi Korea Snak
maybe just
slept with her
at worst killed her off
video arcade style
another ambitious barkeep
she crooned like a minor
couldn’t keep her arms to herself
conch drops to the linoleum
so long Ornette

– Jay Passer

editors note:

Jilted, maybe. Jinxed, likely. Jazzed, forever… – mh clay

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