Us Muslims

by on March 16, 2016 :: 1 comment

This is our circus, our monkeys.
The question begs us how to best respond to all this.
Blame everyone else to the hilt for our ills.
Stay in our shell, shocked, shy, never to step out, never to mix.
Keep our eyes closed and pretend all is kosher.
Or wait for some other divine miracle.
Where each one of us is a brand ambassador, I believe for a Muslim today just showing up is not enough.
This is the time to step it up without apologies or excuses.
With smiling eyes and heads held high, at work or play, crawl if we have to go that extra mile.
To reach out, help out, love, impress.
Create some magic, make some good news, lay ourselves out to excel and embrace.
Step out from behind those walls.
Leave our surrounds a better place.

editors note:

What “we” make “them” do to live with “us” makes “them” the better. – mh clay

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  1. Donal Mahoney

    I simply want to thank the author for speaking out. Decades ago, before the jihad, I hired a Pakistani in Chicago as an art director. He was a devout Shi’ite from Karachi, a terrific fellow. Ten years we worked together and I guess my wife and I were the only Yanks to be invited to dinner. Great food and a wonderful time. I would only say to the author if he can get more Muslims to speak up, that would help a great deal because the Koran says what it says and some of us “infidels” know it. The Catholics among us still have to live with the Inquisition. Good Muslims must speak out against ISIS and jihad. And the time is now.

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