The Garden of Wild Jasmine

by on March 4, 2016 :: 0 comments

The past survives
in the sweet scented

She walks
under summer foliage.
White hair,
soft as the clouds.
Her features caught
in time’s net of wrinkles.
Warm remembrance
Memories roam,
in sunlight – a blue tit logged
all it saw.

Her search,
real or unreal is not known.
In the passing breeze,
rimmed with tears,
eloquent with pain,
perhaps, it is here –
in the thick softness
of greens,
flowers and soil,
like the end of a warm dream –
in the garden that breathes –
She wishes to enter
and disappear.

editors note:

All is memory, sweetly sustained; if only we could… – mh clay

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